Bali Shoot, September 2013

Photos and production stills from Elemental Productions’ recent film shoot in Bali, Indonesia during September 2013.

Cebe Loomis

Cebe Loomis is a recent Vassar graduate with a degree in Anthropology and hopes to dedicate her career to further exploring the power of anthropological photography as a form of art activism. Specializing in ethnographic photo essays, Loomis has conducted research in various countries, from exploring the street art movements in India, Senegal, Argentina and Germany, to exploring the deeply rooted nationalism still present in Cuba's socio-economic framework today, to illuminating the hopes and fears of a group of boys graduating from high school in Malibu, California. As a student of anthropology, Loomis has learned the nuanced dance between question and critical analysis, which has ultimately allowed her to understand her vision, as such: "An expression carried away by enthusiasm and intense chaotic activity, dealing with the transformation of the composition and structure of dynamic substances affecting the life of international geography."

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